The Negative Effects of Buying Fast Furniture

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Many of us have fond memories of visiting our grandparents’ home and marvelling at their beautiful statement furniture. Some of us even have vintage pieces in our homes that we’ve had passed down through the generations. Whether it’s an antique desk or a dining table, these pieces are a source of pride for many homeowners.

In modern times, we’re seeing an unfortunate influx of “fast furniture” – the cheap, poorly built, even disposable pieces that we buy to fill a corner or create quick storage options. Even though it seems to tick the boxes without blowing the budget, cheaply made furniture is unreliable, awful for our planet, and doesn’t give off the same stylish charm as its well-made counterparts.

When You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice

The old saying rings true. Unlike your grandmother’s kitchen cabinet, furniture today is not meant to last a generation. How can a major manufacturer make money selling their products for $20 if their customers don’t have to keep coming back? These pieces often break after a few months and need to be replaced – the broken furniture can’t be sold and you’re left repeating yourself. Your wallet takes a hit, and so does the environment.

Beautifully made, custom wardrobes and furniture are designed to create a statement piece in your home for the duration of your life and your children’s lives. For as long as you look after them, these pieces will look after you. Not only do you save yourself money in the long run, but you’ll also have a storage solution that you can be proud to show off. Additionally, choosing pieces that have been made to suit your décor and last a lifetime will enhance the love you feel for your home.

We’re Paying for Toxic Chemicals

Mass production means cutting corners and finding cheaper options in every stage of the manufacturing process. The giant manufacturers that have become household names are known to mass produce their products with 15 of one kind of bookshelf being built per minute. The cheap materials they use to pump out furniture this quickly contain dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals.

The finishes used on fast furniture are often not certified as food safe, meaning we’re buying dining room tables and kitchen benches that shouldn’t come into contact with anything we consume. As local furniture makers in Brisbane, we want to encourage customers to make researched choices about what they bring into their home! Locally made furniture from high-quality materials, imported or native, is a safer option for Australian homes.

We’re Adding to Landfill, and Quickly

A $30 set of bedside tables may seem like a bargain; however, when you think about the devastating social, economic and environmental effects mass production has on the planet, it doesn’t seem worth it any more. The sheer volume of waste and the deforestation that’s needed to keep up with the in-and-out demand for fast furniture is accelerating our current ecological crisis.

Buying fast furniture means you’re buying materials that can’t be recycled due to the resin that binds it, leaving them sitting in landfill and releasing additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Your furniture is supposed to last and, as a consumer, you have the power to slow down the negative effects of mass production.

If you’d like to discuss buying locally made furniture that will last you a lifetime, feel free to give us a call. Working with Wokai Design will ensure the finest results, and our prices are an affordable reflection of our high-quality work. Drop into the Wokai showroom in Bardon to discuss your needs today. Call us on (07) 3162 0976 or contact us online.

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