Rossana, fifty years of quality kitchens.

There are few brands so deeply rooted in the collective imagination of Italy. Rossana counts among those few. Fifty years of history spent at the top in the production of high-end contemporary kitchens make Rossana a benchmark brand in terms of planning, technology and quality for the entire sector of quality design.

Rossana's strength lies in the fact that it has never limited itself to merely responding to the market, rather, it has dedicated itself to anticipation, research, creativity and development. Right from the very beginning, Rossana has collaborated with the biggest names in international design: Giancarlo Iliprandi, Michele De Lucchi, Rodolfo Dordoni, Tito Agnoli, Christophe Pillet, Massimo Castagna, Salviati-Tresoldi, Alfredo Zengiaro, Ennio Arosio and many others, thereby, with thousands of installations, succeeding in entering the most beautiful houses in Italy and the world.

Rossana kitchens are created to last through time. Kitchens beyond fashion and trends, designed with an obsessive attention to both technical and construction detail. Culturally designed for only a few, but honestly priced and therefore accessible to many. Kitchens designed for an intelligent clientele, able to appreciate the flexibility of systems conceived to allow tailor-made personalisation. Systems whose intersecting components can be adapted to fit large or small environments. The entire product is more haute couture than pret a porter, more niche than mass, conceived ad hoc for each individual, rather than standardised for everyone.

The indisputable quality, the tireless evolution of the product, the constant pursuit of these goals and the consistency in attaining them give today's Rossana brand an absolute strength: credibility, a crucial factor, particularly in uncertain times for the international market.

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