FIMES is a point of reference for night area furniture, always offering a wide range of products, focusing on the attention of customer’s daily needs, market trends and styles.

Fimes see no limits on design, use high quality materials, and defends it’s own products from imitation with special patents.

Fimes is eco designed, respects nature with timber from programmed forests. It uses solid strong natural materials and advance production technologies to produce long lasting furniture.


FIMES founder was Mr Giuseppe Longoni, who got in touch with teachings and knowledge of the cabinet makers of the Brianza area and founded his own workshop immediately after World War 2.
After twenty years of cabinet maker production of classical furniture, came the industrial period and the simple workshop became a real company according to needs of the times. There was the change from the workshop activity to the industrial and modern production procedures with bigger spaces and new industrial lines and ways.


In the early 80’s collaborating with Italian modern designers, FIMES created one of the first modular systems for wardrobes being the “Harmony”. Patented new ways for wardrobes, called Reply, with double faces, corners, special corners and bringing solutions to the current market according to the needs and desires of the client in relation to space.  
Creating a new line of products for the bedroom including items such as:

  • WARDROBES: walk in closet, customised wardrobes with double depth and varying  heights, colour and finishes.
  • BEDS: The corner bed introduced with industrial patent N. 012851747, equipped beds with a wide range of solutions, nigh tables and dressers. 
  • COMPLEMENTS: Made in collaboration with the following Italian architects: Leone & Mazzari (Genua), Marconato & Zappa (Como).
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