Designer Kitchens are Changing How We Live


Gone are the days where kitchens were hidden from view, being used as a dark and dusty space to cook and clean. These days, the modern kitchen has become another member of the family. It’s a space to work, to entertain, to relax and to share. The kitchen is the first room of the house to be noticed by guests. It’s where we come together, and there are a few features of the modern kitchen that makes this possible.

At Wokai Design, we specialise in building kitchens that perfectly suit the lifestyle and needs of each one of our customers. Using only the highest quality local and imported Italian materials, we can design and install the hub of your home.

Island Benches Create a Social Place to Make Meals

We’ve had customers complain to us in the past that they found themselves turned off by cooking because their kitchen was poorly laid out. If you’re facing a wall and slaving away over the stove, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on valuable time with your friends and family. We want to be able to connect to the joy of cooking and the joy of sharing it with others, and that means we need a kitchen design that allows for socialising.

Open-plan designs and island benches are changing how we categorise the space in our kitchens. We have the luxury of sharing a communal space without getting in each other’s way. When your kitchen is an integral part of how you live, it’s important to spend time designing the space perfectly and creating the right storage solutions to keep your home organised. Wokai Design can help you with this, ensuring your kitchen is beautiful, functional and totally customised to your needs.

Kitchen Workspaces to Bring People Together

We use kitchens as workbenches in more ways than one. Having a place for the kids to do their homework, for you to check your emails, or to complete a DIY project, makes all the difference in how much time we get to spend together. Kitchens were once separated, enclosed spaces where the matriarch of the family would spend hours preparing meals for her family. As cooking becomes more of a hobby for every gender, the kitchen needs to be a space for everyone to comfortably come together.

The way families spend time together is changing. It’s rare to find a family that sits down together to watch the evening news or eats at the same time each day at the dining table. Now, we spend time together wherever and whenever our busy lives allow, and a beautiful kitchen can be the perfect place to meet.

Speak to Wokai Design about Your New Kitchen

For a custom kitchen in Brisbane, there’s one team that will listen to your needs and ensure you receive a timeless, beautiful space to spend time together. To discuss your new kitchen or kitchen renovation in Brisbane, make time to stop in at our showroom in Bardon. We’ll take you through our huge range of options in materials, finishes and customisable designs to create something truly one of a kind. Call us today on (07) 3162 0976.

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