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Wokai Design – 10 Years Of Quality Design

There are few companies pushing the creative boundaries of imagination and design when it comes to contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces making Wokai Design a benchmark in terms of planning, technology and quality when delivering a product to their customer.

Wokai Design's strength lies in the fact that it has never limited itself to merely responding to the market, rather it has dedicated itself to anticipation, research, creativity and professional development right from the very beginning.

Wokai Designs Kitchens, Bathrooms and living spaces are created to last through time. Spaces beyond fashion and trends, designed with an obsessive attention to both technical and construction detail. Our spaces are more Haute Couture than Pret a Porter, more niche than mass, conceived ad hoc for each individual rather than standardised for everyone.

The indisputable quality and the constant pursuit of evolution in design teamed with the consistency in achieving results gives Wokai Design an absolute strength in today marketplace.


A Wokai Design furniture piece is above all furniture with a unique character, inspired by multiple personalities: The personality of the creator who designed it, with his sense of talent and ingenuity; and your personal touch of freedom and creativity. Customisation in any detail, choice of shapes, colors, leathers, woods and finishes … Each furniture piece becomes unique, exclusive, and truly created for you.

Wokai Design is also responsible, committed to a comprehensive approach of respecting refined materials and the world around us. Becoming better every day, continuously seeking ways to reduce impacts on our environment is one of our core values. We invite you to discover on this site the blend of creativity, customisation and responsibility which shapes the individuality of Wokai Design and its collections.

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