Storage Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

When you’re building or renovating a home in Brisbane, you need to give careful consideration on how you’d like to improve your storage. At Wokai Design, our passion lies in creating storage solutions that not only solve your space problems but also look amazing as features in modern and traditional homes. Storage doesn’t have to be hidden away in laundries and basements; your bedroom walls can become a statement piece with well-made custom wardrobes that match your décor. An Overlooked Opportunity for Design One of the most overlooked aspects of home design is storage. When we go to inspect a home, we naturally notice if there is ample storage and this can become a selling point of the property. Yet, it still seems as though well-designed storage is overlooked more often than not. Poorly designed and noticeably lacking storage can impact the value of a home, so it’s important to dedicate time to exploring the possibilities of storage design. You’ll be thankful when you have an attractive place to store your clothing, kitchen utensils, linen, and everything else that tends to find its way into view. Bedroom Storage Possibilities The best way to make the most of your space is […]

Designer Kitchens are Changing How We Live

Gone are the days where kitchens were hidden from view, being used as a dark and dusty space to cook and clean. These days, the modern kitchen has become another member of the family. It’s a space to work, to entertain, to relax and to share. The kitchen is the first room of the house to be noticed by guests. It’s where we come together, and there are a few features of the modern kitchen that makes this possible. At Wokai Design, we specialise in building kitchens that perfectly suit the lifestyle and needs of each one of our customers. Using only the highest quality local and imported Italian materials, we can design and install the hub of your home. Island Benches Create a Social Place to Make Meals We’ve had customers complain to us in the past that they found themselves turned off by cooking because their kitchen was poorly laid out. If you’re facing a wall and slaving away over the stove, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on valuable time with your friends and family. We want to be able to connect to the joy of cooking and the joy of sharing it with others, […]

The Negative Effects of Buying Fast Furniture

Many of us have fond memories of visiting our grandparents’ home and marvelling at their beautiful statement furniture. Some of us even have vintage pieces in our homes that we’ve had passed down through the generations. Whether it’s an antique desk or a dining table, these pieces are a source of pride for many homeowners. In modern times, we’re seeing an unfortunate influx of “fast furniture” – the cheap, poorly built, even disposable pieces that we buy to fill a corner or create quick storage options. Even though it seems to tick the boxes without blowing the budget, cheaply made furniture is unreliable, awful for our planet, and doesn’t give off the same stylish charm as its well-made counterparts. When You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice The old saying rings true. Unlike your grandmother’s kitchen cabinet, furniture today is not meant to last a generation. How can a major manufacturer make money selling their products for $20 if their customers don’t have to keep coming back? These pieces often break after a few months and need to be replaced – the broken furniture can’t be sold and you’re left repeating yourself. Your wallet takes a hit, and so does the […]
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