About Us

Wokai Design is your first stop for night area furniture; we offer a wide range of wardrobe and bedding products. Whether you require modular wardrobe units, walk-in robes, open style wardrobes or traditional robes with sliding or hinging doors.

We offer as standard in most of our ranges, wardrobes with heights up to 2900mm. Widths and combinations to suit any size or style of room.

We are the only company to supply corner beds in Australia.

Our patented corner bed from Italy can utilize your space like never before. The greatest benefit is that it is designed to not sit in the middle of the room as with normal beds but to be positioned in the corner of a room and project out at an angle of between 30 to 60 degrees. The bed also comes with integrated side tables and the option of under bed storage. We see this bed as perfect for bedrooms where normal room design makes standard bed placement difficult. The bed has the ability to open up any area of any bedroom making the room feel larger and making access around the bed much easier.

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